LV 1871 Private Assurance AG is the highly specialized subsidiary of the Lebensversicherung von 1871 a. G. Munich. LV 1871 is known for its effective, innovative and secure retirement solutions for more than 150 years. LV 1871 Private Assurance AG develops insurance policies with a savings component and annuities as well as individual special retirement solutions for partners and for an upmarket customer segment. In addition iinnovative annuities and guaranteed products are offered for discerning private customers.

The supervisory authority for the financial market in Liechtenstein (FMA) consented in October 2008 to LV 1871 Private Assurance AG starting its business operations. The company has permission to provide insurance Services in all the states of the European Economic Area (EEA).  


The business operations of LV 1871 Private Assurance AG combine the world of private banking and professional asset management with the legal, fiscal but especially the restricted risk advantages of life insurance. LV 1871 Private Assurance AG supports investors and their advisers in retirement and succession planning with optimized fiscal and legally compliant solutions.

Social shift and democraphic change

The trend to individualism and personal responsibility has changed the needs of people for retirement solutions. The desire to conserve and increase wealth leads to a growing need for professional asset management as well as comprehensive retirement, fiscal and succession planning.

Structured life insurances already play an ever more important role in solving this counselling need. Life insurance is already the preferred alternative for many questions relating to classical wealth management. This concept, which is also known as Private Insuring, combines for the benefit of the customer the advantages of professional asset management with those of an insurance solution.