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LV 1871 Private Assurance AG offers fiscal and legally compliant solutions which also protect the wealth and prosperity for generations and at the same time guarantee tax efficiency, individual inheritance planning and the greatest possible freedom of investment.

With insurance solutions bank customers can combine their assets in compliance with fiscal and legal requirements with an insurance benefit on death or as a lifelong annuity. In most European countries insurance solutions – in contrast to many other structures – are basically recognised and tax favoured. "Our customers profit from our specialised expertise developed over many years in the field of insurance as well from our partners’ knowledge of financial planning and the capital market", stated Steffen Wiedenmann, the Appointed Actuary of LV 1871 Private Assurance AG.

As a rule the customers of LV 1871 Private Assurance AG are internationally active and mobile, they live at home and abroad or have residence in various countries. Some customers will return to their native country, emigrate to a third country or retire there.

The wealth of the customers of LV 1871 Private Assurance AG is often tied up in their own businesses, and the wish for adequate liquidity should be guaranteed at any time without interference in the financial situation of the own company. The customers of LV 1871 Private Assurance AG are usually familiar with modern Investments and value the comprehensive advice and support of their financial experts. 

LV 1871 Private Assurance AG offers its customers: 

  • Security and sustainability
  • Trust and continuity
  • Flexibility and individual service
  • Competent advice

The products are designed for discerning customers, in the first instance in Germany and then later in other European countries. "We are sure that we can fully satisfy the needs of our customers and advisers with our solutions and we look forward to close co-operation between LV 1871 Private Assurance AG and its partners", emphasised CEO Markus Hetzer. 

Insurance solutions can benefit from various advantages in many European countries, some which are listed below:  

  • Basically a tax free accrual of interest, dividends and capital profits during the savings stage (tax deferral)
  • Tax exemption or a tax mitigation in the event of a (partial) payment during the life of the insured
  • Income tax free transfer of assets to the chosen beneficiaries on payment of the benefit.
  • Possibility of taking out a loan on the insurance policy and the provision of a policy credit
  • On death outside the estate the insurance benefit can be transferred directly to the named beneficiary
  • Guaranteed lifelong annuity payments

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